Wednesday, November 24, 2010

democracy in action/inaction

You know you live in the buckle of the bible belt when it is okay to drink beer on one side of the town square, but not the other. And when 'small and less intrusive government' Republicans pass up the chance for retail tax revenue because it might not be family friendly.  Or because the Baptist minister tells them that it isn't family friendly.

Or, you might know you live in the buckle of the bible belt when a procedural vote to approve a basic housekeeping measure regarding the ordinance is voted down. Yep. Just. Vote. No. Vote No to all of it, just to be safe something doesn't slip by you.

It doesn't matter that 15 folks spoke in favor of the ordinance and only 4 spoke against...but that was obvious when one alderman voiced his opinion, from the bench, BEFORE the public comment portion even happened. Ahem.

The look on the other two aldermen's faces was priceless....those yahoos voted No on a housekeeping measure? Really? As in cleaning up policy and procedure already in place regarding beer licenses for existing establishments in town? No??  Guess not. Wallow away in your ineffiecieny, we just spout off about advocating smaller more effective government. Why use only one sheet of paper when ten sheets is far better?

So, you can have beer and wine on the east side, but not the west...just wine over there. No beer because beer drinking, especially the light beer variety, leads to stabbings, just like it did in 1970 at the pool halls, on paydays, back in the day....Seriously. And make sure in narrow, historic buildings you cram 48 seats in an eating establishment, because 25 might lead to anarchy.

And forget about paying for a $600,000 renovation on a white elephant of a building with no parking via tax revenue and rental income from private parties that might serve alcohol. Check into other revenue streams...hope all those Baptist kids are lining up to reserve the space for their birthday parties. No brides or grooms or corporate gatherings will be allowed, unless they like to toast with grape juice.

Good grief. Beam. Me. Up.

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