Wednesday, November 17, 2010

running away

I ran away from home last night, kidnapped my husband from work, took him out for a bite to eat at our fave little restaurant on our town square and then over to the mall for some Christmas shopping. It. Was. Lovely.

Just what I needed. Ahhhhhh. A bit of spontaneity in my very scheduled life.

We may not get to sneak away, run away, hide etc. like that until after the holiday season is over.

So, my meeting yesterday went well and we hope to pare down our Friends website to a two page presence by year end.  It will be much more manageable and I hope we can find someone to take on that duty. If not, we have a plan to phase it out entirely and move some more content to the main library site.

I returned a book to the Library and came home to make dinner, do laundry and read a bit.

Hubby's office is having an open house at their new location today. As he asked me to invite some of my friends, I will be there for the duration. The rain has stopped, so if the temps rise a bit, it should make for a very pleasant four hours.

Happy Hump Day....Wednesday is here.


haydenblair said...

sounds awesome. Glad ya'll got some time together! Chad leaves tonight for the big Illinois hunting trip that he has planned for the last 365 days since last year's trip. So, I will be a widow till Monday and I plan to clean my closet out and actually bag up and donate the clothes that I no longer wear, and may even get a little Christmas decorating done since it takes me about 2 weeks to really get it all up.. Have a great week/weekend!

Liz said...

Hayden, have fun with your weekend plans...and hope Chad get a big one!