Tuesday, November 2, 2010

behind door number one....

Not sure what today will have in store for us.  The oldest kid boards the bus for the state soccer tourney. Their first game is tomorrow. If they win, they play Thursday. If they win that one, they are in the championship game and play Saturday.  I seriously doubt she will see any playing time, but the experience is going to be interesting for her.

The middle kid is busy getting ready for club soccer. She and a team mate are working out every day after school. Treadmill, elliptical, ab work. Yep...I'm sure they are managing to have some fun too.

I have my meeting this morning with the Library director regarding the program the Friends would like to begin to honor Anne.  I put together my proposal yesterday along with Wednesday's meeting agenda. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will be willing to partner with us, but if they aren't, we are going to do this one solo.

Hubby was dismissed as a potential juror yesterday. He didn't make the cut for criminal court and was held for civil, but they managed to seat a jury before they got to his number. So, he is now done for the next ten years. He said it was interesting, but he was tired when he arrived home. He said it felt like being in an airport all day waiting for a flight.

Youngest has chess club this morning. When he comes home this afternoon, I will be treated to the play by play of the match.  He is very excited for his big field trip on Saturday to Huntsville.

I didn' do any reading yesterday, but did watch a movie called "Ondine" starring Colin Farrell.  Pretty good once I managed to 'tune' my ear to the Irish accents.

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