Wednesday, August 26, 2015

open house

It is always a surreal feeling to wander the halls of the high school going from class to class during open house events. Usually hubby and I go together, but with his trip happening this week, I flew solo last night. Saw lots of similar faces and since the boy is in all AP or Honors classes, it was the same moms and dads over and over. One of the moms actually reminded me after we had the third class together how I told her the circle of kids shrunk as the kids progressed through school. Those kids on the more rigorous academic track become a school within the school. I took notes in each class, little tips and tricks the teachers passed on. They only had 15 minutes to talk to us, so it was quick, but I did get some good info.

All in all, the boy should have a good year. He has a nice mix of older, more experienced teachers and younger, fresh to the classroom teachers. I love that his APUSH class only has 14 students in it. I love that his AP Lit teacher is so passionate about writing. I love how all the teachers, even the AP Physics teacher, talked about writing. Whatever the critics have to say about Common Core, the emphasis on writing is not one of the bad aspects of that curriculum.

So, I'm glad I went. It was very worthwhile.

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