Tuesday, August 11, 2015

off we go

School has started here in the Ville. The boy had a good first day and seems to be happy with all of his classes.

The middle daughter is coping with her responsibilities to her sorority. She also texted me a list of things she forgot to take that she now wants me to ship to her.

The oldest has a lead on a potential job for after graduation. She met a division director for a national company while we were at church on Sunday. The division: R&D. He is hiring and needs to hire women. He is a fellow K of C member, so hubby was able to facilitate an email connection. Who knows....she may wind up back in the area after all.

I was able to log into the new e-book portal for the library and struck gold. I've downloaded three titles and placed holds on 3 more. The books are from series that I long gave up on trying to complete because our library never had them. Urban fantasy isn't shelved too often down here. So excited!

So, it was a good Monday. The week is off to a good start.

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