Wednesday, August 19, 2015

my oh my

My oh my. I spent several hours after work yesterday playing around with our new speech/debate website. Hubby got us the page and he set up several aspects of it, but with the parent meeting next week, it was time to really get busy.

I am not a web designer. The thing is pretty darn ugly. Well, maybe plain would be a better word. If I had time and was so inclined, I'm sure there are helpful tutorials to teach a would be designer how to make it look spiffy. Not going to happen. We just need important documents loaded and accessible. Slap a few photos up there. Add a calendar and some contact info. Good to go.

The lady who is going to be our webmaster may have the skills needed to make this thing look good. That lady is not me! She is coming over Thursday to "get the keys" and take this thing off our hands. But, we did feel like we needed to give her a solid frame with the contents more or less uploaded.

By the time I stepped away from the screen, I had a crick in my neck and an overall anxious feeling. Off for a walk I went. Without the dog. On the back path. It helped!!

The goodness in all of this is that the hospitality chair-mom took a group pic of the kids yesterday for us to use on our fundraising materials. Good pics and a HUGE group of kids so far. It always dwindles when the fee schedule is handed out. But, looks like we could have close to 40 speech and debate students this season. That is awesome.

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