Wednesday, August 5, 2015

new route

I usually take the same route when I walk in the morning, at least when the level of darkness allows me to. Seems like it is already time to give up that path and begin the winter routine. No more walking the path behind the subdivision until I can see better. Even with the flashlight, it is still too dark to feel comfortable.

Nearly running into a giant spider web with a giant spider in the middle will also cause one to change their walking route.

Even though the path is nice as it is away from cars and smelly lawn clippings, the spider's dinner collection efforts, along with the dim light, have convinced me to stay away.

In addition to smelly lawn clippings waiting for tomorrow's trash day pick up, it smells a bit like rain outside.

The boy picked up his schedule at the high school yesterday. School starts for him on Monday. He has finished his summer work and is spending today organizing what he needs to turn in and double checking that he didn't forget an assignment.

And here is Wednesday, again. Time to get started.

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