Monday, June 30, 2014

too soon

With working Saturday, of course Monday is here much too soon. But, it is only a 4 day week. Followed by a long weekend with a comp day attached to the end. So, four days at work, four days off, then four days at work.

I can do this!

We had some mega rain fall over the weekend. Enough to break records. No flooding in our part of the neighborhood, but we the paper is reporting 5.87 inches of rain yesterday. Yikes. The combined total for Saturday and Sunday was 7.09 inches.

We are a bit waterlogged!!

Here is too a dry and sunny Monday!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

world cup woes

The US faces off against super soccer power Germany later this morning. While I'm at work. But, the US head coach has written an excused absence note for the entire country. I shared it on Facebook, along with several thousand other soccer fans, and tagged my Brazilian coworker and our department head.

Funny. Now, I just need to figure out how to listen to the match while I work on the September issue's layout.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

three strikes

Pretty  much as soon as it happened, the soccer community went nuts. Heck, even those who aren't enthralled with the World Cup went nuts.

The bite. He did it again. No oops in front of that statement as those bites are not mistakes.

Suarez needs to be given the boot. No excuse. No reprieve. Biting on the pitch is not acceptable. This is the third time, by some counts, that he has bitten an opponent.

Ugly play and ugly tactics should not be tolerated in what fans call the "Beautiful Game."

Off the soapbox.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

the hippie look

Our dress code at work is business casual. Hmm. That can be defined in many different ways, but around the office the weather dictates how casual we get. Since the powers that be have decided to control costs with the thermostat, business casual in the winter means cords and turtlenecks and heavy sweaters for me. In the summer it usually means a skirt and a sleeveless or short sleeve top. We either freeze or roast. No such thing as being comfortable.

Our receptionist, a young mother of two, adopts a more hippie look. Flowing skirts, bohemian tops, mismatched leggings and tunics are not unusual attire for her. Until yesterday. She chopped 9 inches of hair off and actually had truly business casual clothes on.

The rumors in our department began to swirl. She's looking for another job. She's finally growing up. She's been possessed by an alien.

Whatever it takes to keep us entertained!

Monday, June 23, 2014

so close

That tie about killed me. Ugh. So close. Seconds away from advancing. Ugh.

The weekend was about soccer, reading, cooking, and resting. Nothing big happened, but it was really nice to relax and spend time with the family.

I finished the second Iron Druid book and have started the third. I made a yummy baked corn dish (pinterest recipe). I watched the USA come within 30 seconds of making it to the knock-out round. Darn you, Christiano!! Really, darn you USA midfield, why didn't you pass back?? UGH.

Off into Monday we go. Looks like rain, and we could actually use it.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

meeting time

I have my first library expansion committee meeting today. I believe I know everyone who is serving on the committee except for one person. I'll be leaving work a tad bit early to get there on time and have already told the kids that the frozen pizzas are what's for dinner.

Not sure if the meeting will last that long, but given the opportunity to go out after the meeting with some of these folks, I want to be able to do that.

I managed to wake on time today and the Dukie-dog knows it. He is patiently waiting for his leash and our morning stroll. I had wanted to walk him last night, but it was so humid, I just couldn't work up the energy to go back out. I didn't walk at lunch yesterday either. I did run errands with my boss and made a quick stop at the grocery store to buy fruit. We were out of the basics.

And that is it for me! Last post of the week. The weekend is coming up, thank goodness!! We were just talking the other day how hard it is to work during the summer. I miss those summers when the kids were home and we could have fun more days than not.

Enjoy your Thursday.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

new to me

I've read two authors who are new to me. Over the weekend I plowed through two of D.L. McDermott's urban fantasy/romance novels and then late Sunday I started Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series.

The McDermott books (Cold Iron and Silver Skin) feature cross over characters who become involved with the fae. These are more heavy on the romance than the urban grit that characterizes other books in this genre, but they are quick and easy to read. No new territory here, but entertaining and good for a Saturday afternoon when it is too hot and humid to work in the yard!

Now, the Iron Druid series by Kevin Hearne is another cup of tea. I'm falling in love with this series and I'm only half way through the first book. Already ordered book number 2 and was happy to learn that there are enough in this series to keep me happy for most of the summer! How did I miss this?? Oh well, just so happy I found them. Atticus is a druid. A druid who has lived over 2100 years and is trying to live a 'quiet' life in Tempe, Arizona. Well, the gods and goddesses don't want him to be that out of the loop. Oh, and that sword he stole a while back? Yeah, they want it back. Clever, engaging, witty, and he has an Irish Wolfhoud to boot. What is not to love.

So, that is what is new to me this week. I overslept this morning, so no walking for the moment. Ugh. My fault, or should I say it was Atticus' fault since I stayed up too late reading. It has been a very long time since I did that!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Okay, so before my girls started playing soccer I wasn't a World Cup fan. They played soccer for the majority of their lives, at this point, so I've been watching World Cup for over a decade now. Good Stuff. So exciting to see the countries come together, to see the sport played out on an international stage, to see the Americans try hard.

Last night they tried hard and they beat arch nemesis, Ghana. Yep, Ghana. Super quick, super athletic, and our Achilles' heel. The first goal was amazing. Only 34 seconds into the game. Wowsa. Perfect. Inspired.

They we had 90 minutes plus to play. Of course Ghana tied it up, but not until the 86 minute. Then came the chance. A corner kick. A header from a 22 year old sub; his first time at a Cup.


We win 2-1. Amazing. Next up, Portugal. Christiano Ronaldo, the Portugal soccer phenom whose skills are almost matched by his good looks, will head a team that is down a player, or two, and was just thrashed by Germany.

This is exciting stuff!

But,  yeah USA! We won our first game and earned the coveted 3 points in our group!

Monday, June 16, 2014

soccer and reading

This was a nice weekend. Lots of soccer on the tellie and lots of fun, easy, summer reading. Yep. We also had some nice meals, spent some time just hanging out, no big agenda or to-do list.

This is the stuff summer is made of!

Off for my morning walk with the Dukie-dog. We could both use the stretch.

Happy Monday.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

world cup

Time for the World Cup! The sound of vuvuzelas will fill the stadiums in Brazil as teams take the pitch and futbol is played.

Love it! And although I'm sad that the bracket the U.S. drew is loaded against them, it will be fun to see them play on the world stage again. It will be more fun to watch some matches with the family!

And today is Thursday.....I'm very ready for the weekend. Feel a big procurement trip to Costco might be in order. Seems we are running out of everything, again.

Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The vibe at work has a bit of a limbo quality to it of late. With my coworker leaving mid August to finish her PhD work (Early Modern English) and the impending hiring of a true graphic designer, things are a bit odd. We know she is leaving. We know we are going to 'try' and hire a designer. We know we have a ton of work to do for the national meeting.

But, things don't feel like they are progressing. And it is all making me a bit nuts. I don't like this uncertainty about who will be doing what come August 11.

I would feel better if they had posted the job opening. I would feel better if the contract for the journal work was drafted and signed.

August is usually a rough month for me with the kids heading back to school and this August will be a bit topsy-turvy at work to top it all off.

Not looking forward to it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Whoa. That was a gully washer. Lots of water. Lots.

I usually sleep through storms and rain, but the amount of water that came down last night woke me. It is quite dark out this morning and it is still sprinkling a bit, so  no walking the Dukie-dog today. Have to see if it is better outside when I get home from work this afternoon.

Very glad the boy had the yard mowed and edged last week. He will only have a small jungle to tackle once everything dries out.

I'm plowing through a new Arthurian novel. Well, new to me. So far, so good. The boy has finished one book for his summer reading, and has started two more. One daughter is reading for fun and one is reading for her summer class. The hubby, well, he reads specs for buildings.

That is our summer reading update! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 9, 2014

good stuff

First up, the boy has been released from his allergy shots! He was on the max dose for 3 of his 4 years, so the benefits he can gain have reached the plateau. So, no more shots. Yeah!

Second, hubby and I spent 2 hours in Lowe's looking at flooring. I think we have made some selections. The overhaul won't happen until the Fall, but new carpet and tile is in the works.

Third, I finally received my review, raise, and even a small bonus on Friday. Yippee!

Fourth, the hubby helped with the flower beds and we whacked, pulled, dug, replanted, and sprayed for a few hours. The next step will be some new mulch, but we will wait until that is on sale.

Fifth, we went to dinner with our neighbors and caught up with them and what is going on with their kids and family. Good to see them and had a good meal too. Went to a new place for me, delicious!!

Sixth, finally saw the latest Thor movie. YUMMY goodness all around.

It is raining, and it is Monday, but that is okay. It was a great weekend. Let's go!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

weekend plans

Yes, it is only Thursday, but I have weekend plans. Weeding the front beds will become the number one priority. I never got to them yesterday and I know for a fact it won't happen today either. The rain is moving in and we look to have wet weather for the next 48 hours.

Leaving work early today to come home and get the boy and take him to his annual allergist visit. He should have only another year of allergy shots to endure.

Enjoy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

mid week meltdown

Weeding did take place yesterday, but my long sleeve tee-shirt about caused a meltdown. So hot, humid, and sticky. But, I did manage to get the backyard beds weeded. I really need to do some thinning next spring before things get out of control. One of the hostas is about 3 foot across. It is taking over!

I also took a 15 minute walk on my lunch break. Hot, but manageable at 11 a.m. I think I will try that again today. It felt good to get away from the desk and the computer. That is the hardest part of going back to work after vacation; having to sit and type and stare at a screen. Ugh. The new website is still on my plate and awaits me yet again today.

Off we go. Thank goodness it is Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Several years ago I was exposed to a bit of poison ivy in one of our flower beds and broke out in a rather nasty, but localized rash. Ever since that happened I'm prone to getting 'rashy' when I weed. Yesterday I began reclaiming the beds as they are very weedy and a bit overgrown. I guess while we were gone the area received quite a bit of rain and the plant growth went nuts.

My first step was to cut back all the daffodil stems around the two front yard trees and then to weed those beds. I also did the bed on the east side of the house. By the time I finished, my right arm was starting to break out. Lovely.

I came inside and washed it twice and put on some anti-itch cream. It didn't help right away, so I took my afternoon allergy pill and then wound up taking half a Benedryl for good measure. Those little pink pills knock me on my fanny, but they always stop the rash!

It was an early night for me.

Good news, the rash is gone. Bad news, I still have four huge flower beds to wrestle into submission.
I think I will be wearing long sleeves and gloves from now on.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 2, 2014

home again

We had a wonderful vacation and arrived back home Friday afternoon. New Orleans was everything and I thought it would be and more. I loved wandering the streets of the French Quarter and we even explored the Warehouse District a bit on our way back from the WWII museum. The museum is a must see experience. All five of us learned something new and came away with new thoughts, memories, and gratitude.

The 'book-end' visits to family before and after our visit to The Big Easy were fun as well.

So, today, we all head off to work. The boy even has his list of chores to accomplish before I arrive home.

The week sure went fast, but it was a great week!