Monday, June 9, 2014

good stuff

First up, the boy has been released from his allergy shots! He was on the max dose for 3 of his 4 years, so the benefits he can gain have reached the plateau. So, no more shots. Yeah!

Second, hubby and I spent 2 hours in Lowe's looking at flooring. I think we have made some selections. The overhaul won't happen until the Fall, but new carpet and tile is in the works.

Third, I finally received my review, raise, and even a small bonus on Friday. Yippee!

Fourth, the hubby helped with the flower beds and we whacked, pulled, dug, replanted, and sprayed for a few hours. The next step will be some new mulch, but we will wait until that is on sale.

Fifth, we went to dinner with our neighbors and caught up with them and what is going on with their kids and family. Good to see them and had a good meal too. Went to a new place for me, delicious!!

Sixth, finally saw the latest Thor movie. YUMMY goodness all around.

It is raining, and it is Monday, but that is okay. It was a great weekend. Let's go!

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Lisa Shafer said...

We haven't seen rain in Utah for weeks now. So... normal. *shrugs* I like rain -- probably because we see so little of it here. The Scots thought I was so very weird for liking rain, but they just didn't understand the concept of "desert" all that well. :)

Both Max and I are big fans of hardwood floors, but we both live in older homes. However, both of us had pseudo-hardwood laminate put down in rooms with no original hardwood floors after ugly tile/carpet had been ripped up.
I do have vintage tile (real tile) in one bathroom, and I like it. But I wouldn't go back to any vinyl flooring ever again!