Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Okay, so before my girls started playing soccer I wasn't a World Cup fan. They played soccer for the majority of their lives, at this point, so I've been watching World Cup for over a decade now. Good Stuff. So exciting to see the countries come together, to see the sport played out on an international stage, to see the Americans try hard.

Last night they tried hard and they beat arch nemesis, Ghana. Yep, Ghana. Super quick, super athletic, and our Achilles' heel. The first goal was amazing. Only 34 seconds into the game. Wowsa. Perfect. Inspired.

They we had 90 minutes plus to play. Of course Ghana tied it up, but not until the 86 minute. Then came the chance. A corner kick. A header from a 22 year old sub; his first time at a Cup.


We win 2-1. Amazing. Next up, Portugal. Christiano Ronaldo, the Portugal soccer phenom whose skills are almost matched by his good looks, will head a team that is down a player, or two, and was just thrashed by Germany.

This is exciting stuff!

But,  yeah USA! We won our first game and earned the coveted 3 points in our group!

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