Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Several years ago I was exposed to a bit of poison ivy in one of our flower beds and broke out in a rather nasty, but localized rash. Ever since that happened I'm prone to getting 'rashy' when I weed. Yesterday I began reclaiming the beds as they are very weedy and a bit overgrown. I guess while we were gone the area received quite a bit of rain and the plant growth went nuts.

My first step was to cut back all the daffodil stems around the two front yard trees and then to weed those beds. I also did the bed on the east side of the house. By the time I finished, my right arm was starting to break out. Lovely.

I came inside and washed it twice and put on some anti-itch cream. It didn't help right away, so I took my afternoon allergy pill and then wound up taking half a Benedryl for good measure. Those little pink pills knock me on my fanny, but they always stop the rash!

It was an early night for me.

Good news, the rash is gone. Bad news, I still have four huge flower beds to wrestle into submission.
I think I will be wearing long sleeves and gloves from now on.

Happy Tuesday!

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