Tuesday, June 24, 2014

the hippie look

Our dress code at work is business casual. Hmm. That can be defined in many different ways, but around the office the weather dictates how casual we get. Since the powers that be have decided to control costs with the thermostat, business casual in the winter means cords and turtlenecks and heavy sweaters for me. In the summer it usually means a skirt and a sleeveless or short sleeve top. We either freeze or roast. No such thing as being comfortable.

Our receptionist, a young mother of two, adopts a more hippie look. Flowing skirts, bohemian tops, mismatched leggings and tunics are not unusual attire for her. Until yesterday. She chopped 9 inches of hair off and actually had truly business casual clothes on.

The rumors in our department began to swirl. She's looking for another job. She's finally growing up. She's been possessed by an alien.

Whatever it takes to keep us entertained!

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Lisa Shafer said...

We have a tree-hugger or two at our school, too, but their clothes aren't all that interesting. I used to wear a lot of funky stuff when I was young and thin. Now, my clothing buzzwords are "cotton" and "comfy." If it's not washable, I don't buy it. If it has synthetics in it (which give my hair static cling), I don't buy it. If it must be ironed, I don't buy it. Hence, I have a lot of twills and jersey knits. :)