Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I seem to have a theme going on. I am now reading "The Undead Pool" which is the second to last in the Rachel Morgan series. My beloved series are coming to an end.

I picked up my first novel in this series based on the title, then realized I had actually started the series with the second book. Oh well! I was hooked. Each novel uses a Clint Eastwood movie as inspiration for its title. Fun stuff!

Rachel and Trent have mended fences in this latest installment and are taking on some force that is leaking wild magic from Rachel's ley line and using it to knock out all the undead vampires in Cincy. The living vampires are in a panic as their masters slumber away. Throw in some elven politics and some crazy demon magic and you have chaos in the Hallows.

While we had a cold and damp weekend, the week has been warm and dry. Work is still nuts and the website may now launch midweek. We are starting to work on the National Meeting program info and spent the day editing descriptions and reloading them into the abstract central portal. Lots of steps. Lots of &s to turn into "and."

And so it goes. Happy Tuesday.

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