Wednesday, May 7, 2014

bone scan day

Today I get to have my bones scanned! I've had this done once before and I guess I'm due for another round today. See what is going on with my skeleton.

It seems like the topic of aging has been in the news a lot. From old mice being injected with young mouse blood to a show on the 'oldest of the old,' aging and what they are learning about it is a hot topic right now. I watched a report on 60 Minutes about studies they are doing in California with a group of folks who are over 90 and what they are learning is rather interesting.

A social drink is okay. Being a bit overweight, but not obese, is okay. Moderate exercise, 15 minutes a day, is good for you. Learning new things is good for you. Being social, that is good for you too.

But the real science is coming to play after the study participants pass away. Many of them have donated their brains to the study, and what they are learning is casting doubt on the whole brain plaque-Alzheimer's link.

Memory, cognition, higher thought me that is interesting stuff. We don't truly understand our own brains and the research going on continues to show us how little we actually know.

What sort of exciting science and medicine will come along in the next 20, 30, 40, 50 years?

The boy told us that most likely, the first person to live to 150 is already been born. Fascinating stuff.

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