Monday, May 5, 2014

and they're home

The ladies are home from college. Their rooms are filled with boxes, bags, bins, and assorted other storage containers in various stages of unpacking.

We spent Saturday, the middle kid's birthday, down at our town square. The Fair on the Square enjoyed some amazing weather this weekend. It was great to be out walking around and seeing all the neat arts and crafts. We did notice that several of our favorite food vendors, however, were not there. Either we missed them or they changed location. I fear that the last 3 years of bad weather on this weekend may have prevented them from participating.

But, we weren't really down there to eat since we took the girl and her beau out to dinner for her celebration. Fabulous meal at one of the famous restaurants in the big city next to us. We had cake and strawberries at home for dessert.

Yesterday we puttered around the house. Hubby and the boy worked on the lawn, I worked on laundry, the birthday girl worked on a paper, and the oldest worked on watching Star Wars movies.

Yes, it was May the 4th be With You day.

Happy Monday!

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