Wednesday, May 14, 2014

name changer

It was time to change the blog's name, so I did. I've never intended this blog to be a huge traffic magnet. It truly is just a way for me to journal. I like to get my thoughts together, keep track of my reading for the year, and sometimes spout off a bit on things going in my world.

I guess the spouting off was read by someone who took my earned, educated, 6 years in the making, opinion on certain matters and construed them as 'bashing' a local group I once belonged to.

Oh well. Don't need the lurkers. Don't need the drama. So I've made it a bit more difficult for them to find me, in case they were tempted to keep lurking.

I could make the blog private and shut down access. But, I do have some people in my life who enjoy reading my short, off the cuff comments each day.

So, welcome to the new blog, or at least the new name.

Happy Wednesday!

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