Monday, May 19, 2014


I read the latest and perhaps the final Flavia de Luce mystery over the weekend. Alan Bradley did amateur sleuthing a big favor when he created Flavia.

While these books are often found in the adult section of the library, they are wonderful reads for YA and perhaps some more advanced 5th grade students. Set in post WWII England, Flavia, age 10, lives with her sisters, her father, and assorted 'staff' in an old manor house. Her mother has been missing for 10 years and the family is carrying on without her. The plot of the final book hinges on Flavia's relationship with her mother, a mother she truly doesn't remember.

I hope that this is not the final time we get to enjoy Flavia. I really hope that Bradley will continue on with this dynamic girl.

Monday has arrived and one week from today I will be waking up in New Orleans! This will be my first trip to a city I've read so much about.

Guess over the weekend some local brews were being tossed from balcony to balcony down there in the French Quarter by two of the world's most handsome men. Wonder if we will get to see any famous mugs while we are exploring the city?

Happy Monday!

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