Thursday, May 15, 2014


We have been working on our new website all week. It launches Saturday. Moving content, checking links, checking style, and then rechecking it all has made for short days and stiff necks.

I wasn't able to walk yesterday due to the rainy weather we had, but I'm already dressed and ready to go this morning, Just need the sun to come up a bit. The birds are singing and Duke is giving me the look.

I've learned a lot through this website project. I feel pretty comfortable now using the content management system. I've even dabble, a bit, with the code. I don't like coding. I had to do some a while back when I was building courses for the learning library on behalf of the Foundation. Ick.

Through all of this, I have a new appreciation for computer geeks. To sit all day and just check code, and write code, and load code...I think that is borderline hellish.

We also worked on creating the carousel images for the home page. While a bit more creative, that too became a bit old after the tenth one. I did learn that I can't use all of our color palette for the overlays as the yellow is the same yellow as the directional command widget on the page. So, I have to ditch four images and rework them.

Trial and error. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Yep.

Glad tomorrow is Friday! I know on Monday we will have pages of things to fix, but at least the lion's share of the work will be behind us.

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