Thursday, January 30, 2014


With the wacky weather that hit the South, not too many folks have been moving around. The photos coming from Atlanta and Birmingham are insane. I believe the temps are going to start rising today, so many of those folks will be moving again. The highways will fill back up. The bridges won't be death traps. The ice will melt away like the Wicked Witch.

We've done a good job of moving at work. There is a small group of us who spend 20 minutes of our half hour lunch break, moving. We lift weights. We do some yoga. We stretch...and kick. If you don't watch Saturday Night Live you won't get that last sentence. Ha!

It's nice on many levels. We get warm. The office is kept like a fridge and many areas are quite chilly. We get away from the computer, the phone, the cubicle. We get to visit with ladies from other departments. We get to laugh and be loud and no one really cares. In fact, we are often a source of entertainment for those walking through the building.

Today, however, I need to move on down the road to Target. The Dukie-dog is out of biscuits/cookies. He does need his morning treat for retrieving the paper and his half treat for being a good boy while his momma was at work.

The boys are off to a speech tournament this weekend, so I get some alone time. Just me and the dust rag/vacuum. Yep, I've already planned my Saturday.


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