Wednesday, January 22, 2014

no email

We all had quite a few emails waiting for us at work once we arrived. The magazine had a submission deadline of Monday and I expected half the morning to be dedicated to dealing with all of them. Once that chore was complete and I began to work with the articles and photos, time slipped away.

Before I knew it, lunch was over and I realized I hadn't received one response to the two dozen emails I had sent out since arriving.

That is odd. Very odd. So I asked my two colleagues and guess emails there either. Yep. Something was wonky with the email elfs.

Of course this is happening during a short week that is critical for the magazine. I have to format all of these article and get them ready for review. I have to tell 90% of the authors that the photos they have provided are not good enough for print. Back and forth, back and forth. The emails needed to FLY yesterday.

Didn't happen.

Not looking forward to what today might bring.

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