Monday, February 3, 2014


So, the Broncos creamed....were embarrassed. The party we went to was fun! The weekend was enjoyable and relaxing. The boy's team came in second place at the tournament, but he didn't 'break.' He will have more tweaking to do on his speeches once he sees the judges' comments. I finished the 5th book of the new year. It was so-so.

Another wonderful actor died of a drug overdose. Rest in Peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Winter is back in our region. It feels like Mother Nature is menopausal. She gives us a hot flash every so often then back into the freezer we go. I can relate.

A new week is here and at work we are hosting a big meeting with some muckety-muck veterinarians. We were advised to keep smiles on our faces and to dress appropriately. Darn, guess I have to leave my frown and my sweatpants at home. Ha!

Off I go.

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