Wednesday, January 8, 2014

off to school they go

The youngest and his sisters start classes today. Good Luck, kids!! The youngest almost had another day of vacation as the main water pipe at the high school burst. Yikes. They got the plumbers out and everything was fixed and cleaned up by early this morning. School is on!

I watched the season four premiere episode of Downton Abbey last night. Oh how I've missed Maggie Smith! She is amazing. The writers who give her those great lines are amazing. Superb. Simply superb. I feared that with O'Brien's departure for the warmer climes of India, the nasty baggage factor would be diminished. But, the  new lady's maid seems quite up to the task with the help of Thomas and they are already stirring up trouble both upstairs and down.

Fun, fun, fun.

We are setting up a coffee bar at my boss' office. Ha. We will no longer drink the swill they call coffee (Folgers) and will now only enjoy freshly ground Starbucks! The things we do to keep our morale up. Oh, and during lunch the two Indiana girls are teaching our boss to play euchre. That was a hoot yesterday.

So, all in all, good stuff going on. Happy Wednesday.

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