Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Big plans for the afternoon and evening. Up first, a much needed haircut. Just a bit of pampering for me. Then the boy and I are going to the high school to watch the current play, "Barefoot in the Park." His speech and debate team president is directing the play, which is performed in the round, and he needs what is called school support hours for his Honors Academy. So, off we go.

I'm also starting to plan the weekend. The girl has requested cupcakes from her favorite shop. And, she and a friend will be coming back to deer camp to stay with us on Sunday night.

Not sure if hubby is judging at the competition or if I am as well. Who knows?! If I'm not, I'm hoping for some retail therapy with the oldest while in T-town. And I'm hoping for good weather so we can walk most places instead of driving.

Off into Wednesday I go.....have a good one!

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