Thursday, January 16, 2014

off we go

We are heading out tomorrow for T-town and will be back home on Monday. The Dukie-dog is going next door to his 'aunt's' house to play with his new cousin......a 3 month old golden lab puppy.

Cue laughter here. If you have seen these two dogs together, it is already obvious that the puppy is going to be calling ALL the shots in this relationship. Duke doesn't know what to make of this ball of yellow fluff and basically just tries to keep out of his way, or to herd him away, or to find ways of ignoring him.

We may have one very tired dog when we get home.

In other news, we are lunching out today as tomorrow one of the lunch bunch has to leave early for an appointment and isn't taking a lunch.

Happy Thursday. The week is speeding, zoom.

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Kim Smith said...

Enjoy your trip, Liz. All my bunch is coming home to celebrate the hubby's birthday. Long weekends go so fast!!