Monday, August 19, 2013

quiet times

The house is not as full as it was last week. We had a very good trip east and settling the middle kid into her dorm room went as smoothly as that type of move can go. The local community, both students and residents, were on hand in huge numbers to assist the freshman moving into their new 'homes.' The room was in good shape, the dads did an awesome job of assembling the lofts and the futon, and the moms helped the girls get unpacked and organized in record time.

Their first day of sorority recruitment started that afternoon, so we said goodbye to her and went back to the hotel to get cleaned up. We met two other couples for dinner at a lovely British themed pub and had a good meal and great conversation. I had fish and chips and for dessert hubby and I split a piece of 'sticky cake' that was divine. I also had a Bass ale on draft...that was a real treat.

We got up very early in the morning and drove the 5 hours home. We stopped for breakfast at the exit for my grandfather's home town, and had a fairly relaxing trip being that Sunday morning is probably one of the least busy days on our main interstate.

We shed some tears along the way, and I have to admit when we pulled around the corner to our street and I saw her car sitting by our house, I got weepy.

She is happy. She is where she wants to be and with a great group of friends to support her. I miss her terribly.

I gave our son a huge hug and told him he isn't allowed to leave just yet....he has 4 more years with us! He laughed.

The new normal is going to take some getting used to. I saw a photo on Facebook of some local girls who are now seniors carrying the Senior Girls banner that they take to football games. The tears welled up again.

Not sure why, but sending this one off to school was even harder than the oldest and that wasn't easy.

But, it is the way of things and she is ready to soar!

It is Monday and I'm glad to be going to work today.

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