Thursday, August 22, 2013

new routines, habits, and events

Hubby came home with a good idea last night. We are going to try and establish a movie & a dinner night with the boy. So, once a week, we will take turns picking a movie and picking a 'carry-in' dinner item. No cooking for Mom! Whoop!!

The boy would be happy watching the Science network or Big Bang Theory all night long. The hubby is all about sports, and I of course look for vampires, werewolves, fairies, or historical dramas. So...this will be a grand compromise.

We have yet to pick the night, but we are thinking Wednesday. Seems like that night is a lighter homework night due to so many of the teachers and students go to church on Wednesdays.

The girls had great first days of school. The Harry Potter class was nothing short of FANTASTIC for the middle kid. She loved it. The oldest told me that her courses will kick her butt, but she has tons of great friends in them and everything will be okay as she is ready to kick some butt! lol

Sorority recruitment was on hiatus last night at the middle daughter's school and will resume this evening. The oldest daughter's sorority has their first 'swap' tonight, so she will be guiding the freshman to that event at one of the fraternities.

Yep, it is Thursday already. The week went fast.

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