Tuesday, August 13, 2013

cooking mama

Winter food vs summer food. I tend to cook different stuff during different times of the year. The college bound daughter asked for her favorites to be made this week. Of course her favorite meals are all more winter food meals than summer. So, we had pot roast last night and will have chili on Wednesday.

Tonight, it is grilled chicken, a more summer time meal. As I made the mashed potatoes last night I was thinking about how next week will impact the cooking duties. Down to just three of us at home. The food quantities won't change as the boy is starting to consume amazing amounts of food; a teenage boy phenomena that is quite common. But, sitting down to a big meal might not happen as often. The boy is a lot less structured when it comes to dinner time than the girls ever were. He will eat sandwiches and be happy!

So, this cooking mama has her work cut out for her over the next few days. I also anticipate a run to Gus' Fried Chicken for a meal. That is one of her fave's and something that can't be made at home.

One thing about cooking big, lots of leftovers for lunch!

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