Monday, August 26, 2013

looking forward to next Monday

Next Monday is Labor Day! Whoopieeeee!! I'm in need of a three day weekend in a big way. If I had extra PTO, I'd be tempted to make that weekend a four day event and take Friday off.

But, I'm hoarding those days for emergencies, illness, and football. lol

Bid Day is now behind all of us. As one of my soccer mom friends said, "Thank God we don't ever have to do that again." It ranks right up there with waiting for the team roster to be posted after tryouts. Dreadful. The girls from the Ville all did well. Three of them will pledge DZ, one is a Phi Mu, and our darling daughter is now a Kappa Kappa Gamma. Which, coincidentally, is the same house her boss was in back in the 80's. That lady told the hubby that she did everything but put sparkles on the rec she wrote. When she learned that Kappas were the 'winner' of our darling daughter, she was so excited she was almost hyperventilating (according her her husband who had ordered her a Bloody Mary to try and settle her nerves as she was pacing the floor until we got the text telling us the contents of the bid day envelope.) She told hubby that our daughter is just perfect...well, of course she is! lol I can see lots of Kappa stuff being mailed to college for her from this lady.

It is all a hoot and a half. One of the older daughter's former soccer teammates from club season is also a Kappa, so that is a nice connection to have.

The pics I've seen on instagram and twitter show a very happy young lady, so I think it is all good.

Now they can get back to the real reason they are off at college and hit the books, studies, computers etc.

Off into Monday I go. It should be a fast week as I'm intending on loading info into the CMS for the new website. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Happy Monda:. Owls. Keys. And Fleur de Lis!!  Cheers to our Kappa Girl!! xoxo

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