Thursday, August 29, 2013


I saw a post on my Facebook newsfeed yesterday that Starz and Sony are bringing Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series to television and they've committed to a 16 episode first season. Yeah! Of course I went to IMDB to check out the casting so far, and while they haven't posted who will be playing Claire Fraser, they have posted a photo of the actor playing Jamie. Very exciting. I approve. Here is the link: to the author's page and it has photos and comments about the production.

Speaking of books, added a new one to my "finished" list for 2013. This was written by a team under the name Sam Cabot. Basic premise is that the Vatican has a secret deal with the world's vampires and in fact Mary Magdalene was a vamp responsible for her brother Lazarus' coming back from the dead as well as Jesus' resurrection. The book jacket promised a combination of Dan Brown and (cringe) Stephenie Meyer and it more or less delivered. Cabot is a better writer than Meyer and these vampires don't sparkle.  It was a solid read, it entertained me, but it didn't blow my socks off. I'd read a sequel to see if the plot reveals just where Mary and Jesus are hanging out these days.

I have two other books to read in short order as I picked them from the new rack and only have a week left on one of them. Better get busy this weekend.

In other news, hubby's business trip allowed him to enjoy dinner and then breakfast with the oldest. While I am still totally jealous he got to visit with her, he said she is most definitely in full college student mode and was quite proud of herself and how the semester is starting off. Best thing so far, she is working on the research project now with engines and while she was covered in oil and grease, she didn't break a nail...yet!

She is headed one state over to see her football team smash errrr play...their first game in one of those big Dome stadiums. She and her buddy will be staying with that young lady's family while away for the weekend.

The other one is getting a visitor for the weekend as the summer romance boy is heading up there to see her. Hmmmm. Very interesting.

Hubby has a big order to fill as he is taking the boy shopping for a suit this weekend. Speech & Debate tournament attire requires a suit. Lovely. The tailoring bill will probably match the suit cost.

Off I go...I've rambled enough and seem to have made up for my lack of words yesterday. Yippee, it is Thursday...Friday Eve!!

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