Wednesday, August 21, 2013

big shoes to fill

The boy has only one teacher who does not know the girls. This is a common situation in our town for many students who have siblings. His geometry teacher has 12 students in his 5th hour class with older siblings who this man taught at some point. By the way, I'm tickled pink that he has this geometry teacher as he is an excellent math teacher and hilarious to boot.

The 'odd man' out is the new Latin teacher. Interesting fellow, a native of the UK, he went to school in Colorado for his undergrad and did one master's degree at Minnesota and one at.....Notre Dame. Yep, so we got to talk about South Bend a bit and the boy had already informed him that was where he was born.

The evening went well. Got to see a lot of friends in the hallways. The teachers are focusing on teaching and trying to keep the merger business/problems away from them. A common question was about PowerSchool. It has typically not been available until after Labor Day, but the common thought is that it might not ever make it back up. Rumors are flying about just what type of online grading portal will be available.

We had fun. The boy has some big shoes to fill as his sisters cut a wide path through that high school and were very well known.

Today is Wednesday! Yeah!


Lisa Shafer said...

Never heard of powerschool. We've been through 3 different online grading programs at our school over the years. The current one drove parents nuts the first year. So many parents attacked me personally for what was their own fault in not learning to use the new program. gag.
We also use a college program called Canvas that allows teachers to have kids submit stuff electronically. Since English is more suited to paper and pencil, I only use Canvas to have all important test dates on the calendar so they have no excuse for not knowing about such things.

Liz said...

I loved PowerSchool as did my girls. Super easy to use and I guess it is one of the 'victims' of the merger. The teachers are now using old fashioned grade books and attendance books. To go from a Cadillac of a computer program to a Fred Flinstone car is quite an adjustment. Many are creating Excel sheets to keep track and hoping they can import data once the new online system is established.