Tuesday, August 20, 2013

open house

Tonight is the open house at the high school. We start in home room and then move through his day. They are also having the club fair and a meeting for the new Honors Academy/Emerging Leaders program. Busy night.

We always attend the open house when they are freshman. It had been hit or miss after that with the girls because we always had a soccer match to attend. With the boy, we will most likely make it all four years. We also have his first speech and debate meeting this week. That is on Thursday.

So, with all of these events, I came home from work and did more work! Laundry, cooking, cleaning etc so that when the weekend does arrive, we can do things other than household chores.

I heard from both girls yesterday. The new college girl had 5 houses to visit yesterday, the max she could have. She will get a new list today reflecting up to another 5 houses if no one dropped her. The sophomore was relaxing with her 'recruitment buddy' and enjoying having rush behind them.  Both ladies start classes on Wednesday.

The school year is up and running! I'm trying to run too...but at the moment it is more of a fast walk.

Tuesday, let's go!

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