Monday, June 10, 2013

weekend recap

It was a very busy and productive weekend. The yard was mowed. The yard was edged. Weeds were pulled. Weeds were killed. Shopping was done. Church was attended. Dinner was purchased. Dinner was prepared. Books were read. TV was watched.

And Monday has already arrived. Next weekend won't be quite so domestically focused as we will be packing the boy for his two weeks of camp.

Hard to believe that part of summer is coming up.

My favorite part of the weekend had to be dinner yesterday. When the kids were small, we would list out the components for Sunday's meal and write them on slips of paper. Then each of us would draw one slip and that person became responsible for selecting that item and preparing it. We revisited our past, at their request, and did this yesterday.

We had soup (the boy) as an appetizer. We tried tomato basil and a spicy Thai chicken.
For dinner we had steak (Hubby), roasted potatoes with rosemary (Oldest), and roasted asparagus (Middle), and bread (Oldest). For dessert we had key lime pie (me).

We did our shopping at Fresh Market, which is a bit of a splurge, but gosh, everything was so fresh and tasty. Good Stuff. So much fun.

We need to do that a few more times before the girls head off to school.

Happy Monday

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