Monday, June 17, 2013

off he goes

Yesterday we drove the boy over to the Big City and set him up at the Big University for two weeks of camp. He will be studying modular arithmetic.

He was so excited, not the least bit nervous, and eager to begin. The only glitch in the entire day was how long we had to wait to turn in his allergy medicine to the health nurse. They really could have used more than one nurse doing that given the number of kids turning in everything from Tylenol to inhalers to eye drops for monitoring.

His proctor is a Chinese grad student who is studying education and English as a learned language.

The dorm was really nice.

It was really odd going to sleep last night and knowing that he is 3 hours away!!

Going to be a strange 2 weeks around here without him around.

Off into the new week we go. Monday got here quickly with all we had to do over the last two days.


Kim Smith said...

Better get that writing pen dusted off...I feel a book coming on ...

Liz said...

Ha! Not from me!! lol