Wednesday, June 12, 2013

coming up soon

We have a library board meeting coming up soon. I need to figure out exactly what is the best way to point out some issues I have with some of the numbers we were given at our last meeting.

The pay for our library staff is not horrific, but when the starting wage is less than that of a school crossing guard it raises some red flags. Especially when they ask for a 4 year degree for many of the library jobs. These aren't the MLS jobs, these are the assistant jobs. Our library is less staffed than many of the surrounding libraries in our area and in the state and our stats are higher than those same libraries.

The town just signed  a new 3 year deal with the management company, so not that my comment will do anything, but I feel that it needs to be said.

I think they are underpaid and the town and the management company both know it.

Hmmm, need to noodle this one a bit.

Other things coming up soon, the leadership meeting at work that will have me in the office on a Saturday. I'm intrigued to see some of these folks in action and to hear the spin, but I hate losing my Saturday off. I'm also interested to sit in on this committee I've been assigned to monitor and guide.

Okay, it is Wednesday. The week is moving along and a nice clip. Speaking of clip...the boy got a really nice haircut for camp. He doesn't look quite so shaggy anymore!!

Enjoy the day.

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