Monday, June 24, 2013

too short

Working on Saturday left me with a one day weekend. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. My body tells me that it is not Monday already, but my mind knows that it is.

Off to work I go. Going to be a busy week as we have several things to do at home and at work in order to get ready for our second summer vacation and our journey up north.

We spoke with the boy yesterday. He had just finished doing two loads of laundry! He sounded really good, not one bit homesick, and energized for this next week. He continues with his math studies, but will switch the "fun" class from juggling to improv. They were headed out on some field trips as well. Good Stuff.

Shout out to Lisa...the WHOLE ward showed up at the party last night. The house was packed. We stayed about 45 minutes and then came home. Tables were laden with desserts. Tons of sweets and of course, lemonade. So much for not having parties for departing missionaries! lolol

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