Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the heat is on

The summer heat we have been waiting for seems to have arrived. Muggy mornings with muggy days and muggy nights.

The plants are growing like crazy. My hanging ferns are loving it. Mama bird loves it too I guess since she made a nest in one of the ferns and has laid 3 eggs.

Looks and feels like an iced coffee kind of day.

I ordered some summery clothes yesterday as until this year our office was kept at meat locker temps and I could wear a sweater most days. Due to the budget, revenue, etc;, they are now keeping the thermostat set at a balmy 74 which feels like 84 most days. So, skirts and dresses are much cooler than capris and pants. A new skirt and a new dress are on the way from Lands End. Yeah!

In other news, I really need to help the boy begin to pack for camp. We may need to make a procurement trip to Target for a few things.

Off into Tuesday I go!

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Kim Smith said...

The air is out in my car :( and it FEELS like summer. Uncomfortably so.