Monday, June 3, 2013

full week ahead

It is going to be a full, long, five day week. Ugh. Hubby and the new graduate are headed east for her orientation and incoming freshman festivities. They leave today and will be back late on Wednesday. The rest of us are staying put.

It was a very productive weekend. My flower beds are back in order. I also bought two hanging baskets for the front porch. I went with ferns again. We transplanted variegated hostas into the flower beds around the two trees in the front yard. That looks much better than the crazy, wild, snapdragons that had taken over. When I pulled some of those flowers out, the roots looked like potatoes. They had to go.

We managed to get the boy some new shirts, shorts, and other things he will need for camp. The girls had fun picking things out for him. He did not have fun trying everything on! Now if we can just get his summer work downloaded from the high school, we'd be all set. It was supposed to be available June 1. It wasn't. Joy.

I finished another of my Nook books. This was a title from Jeaniene Frost, "Once Burned." Fun read.

It is another Monday, folks. Off we go into the work week!