Monday, May 13, 2013


The weekend went by in a whirlwind. We had errands to run on Saturday, including a trip to the golf store for the hubby and a trip to the jewelry store for me. No new bling, just repairs. I also took my phone to the apple store as the camera was crashing. They 'restored' it and of course as soon as I started to take prom pics, it crashed again and again and again. I managed to get the pics I wanted, but it is on the fritz and I need to find time to get back over there and get a new phone.

While we were out the kids cleaned the house and bought me flowers for Mother's Day.

Prom was Saturday. We made two photo opp stops with the girl before delivering her to the boy's house. Everyone was meeting there to get the party bus. Helped the boy's mom get set up for the kids and the food buffet and met his grandma. Really nice and fun people. Took some great pics too!

Came home and went through pics, got them edited, and slapped an album up on Facebook. Sunday the hubby and I went to Mass, the kids slept, and we hit the grocery store after to get some food.

Made it home and called my Mom!! Yay!  Had lunch and then took both the girls to the soccer field for their game. The oldest was the super sub...who played the entire game. They were seriously short players as the majority of the seniors didn't show up.UGH! The game tied 0-0.

After the game we came home and got cleaned up for baccalaureate. That lasted 2 hours. Always interesting to hear the verses the kids select and to listen to their meditations. No representatives from our church on the planning committee this year.

Then we came home and I made dinner. We ate. We watched some TV. I went to bed.

That was all. Up this week is an assortment of activities for graduation. It is going to be a busy one!

Monday. Ready or Not, the week is beginning.

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