Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I'm wondering what award the boy is going to be given this morning? The middle school awards ceremony used to be so neat at the old school's auditorium. Having the ceremony in the new school's gym just lacks a certain pizzazz, but that is where I'm headed today.

In other breaking news, he has decided not to play in the band and instead will take a forensics class and join the speech and debate team.

Fine. By. Me. We told him he had to 'join' something, and getting involved with the debate team might be a good thing for him.

I emailed his counselor, who just finished being Abbey's counselor and she made the change. Easy-peasy.

So, no summer band camp. That will make all our lives a bit easier.

Looks like our weather will be Brilliant while we are at the beach. Sooooo excited!!

Last day of my work week...better get to it! Happy Memorial Day! Be back a week from tomorrow!!


Lisa Shafer said...

Having an awards ceremony in the gym is bad. It means no one will be able to hear properly, as gyms are not designed for sound. I'm guessing they're doing this so as to fit in more people. In Utah, at least, an auditorium can never hold all the students at once, so if everyone needs to be in the same assembly, we have to hold it in the gym.

Liz said...

The sound was awful. In our old school, built in the 1920s, the auditorium was amazing. This new school has a "cafetorium" and a gym. Neither are good for sound. His final band performance was at the high school theater...great sound!!