Thursday, May 2, 2013


Paper at the end of the driveway by 5:15. Check. Paper retrieved, cookie gobbled, kibble gobbled. Check. Morning work done, nap time. Check.

All is right in Duke's world today.

Hilarious meeting yesterday. The sort of sad funny that happens sometimes. So, revenue is down at my place of employ. Lots of contributing factors, but one major one is that 'we' have done things the same way for a very long time and the business world has changed. We need to change too.

Off the soapbox now and back to my story. Fourteen of us, from different departments, are watching a webinar on increasing ad sales and adopting a new model for marketing which involves breaking down silos. Apparently this culture is rampant in associations. One of the presenter's main points was a concept promoted by Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell suggests that you need 'connectors' in your marketing/advert department. Folks who are curious, energetic, and eager to work the knack they have for having a wide circle of connections for your association's benefit. I look around the table and there is our advertising sales gal dead asleep. There is the IT guy dead asleep. There is my BOSS, dead asleep!! OMG.

We put the E in Energetic I guess. LOL. Granted, this webinar started at 1:00 p.m. and most folks had just returned from lunch. I wonder if the Executive Director was there if they'd nodded off?

After the 90 minutes webinar, a short discussion burst out. Of course finger pointing began in the polite Southern fashion it does in our office, and then our past retirement age marketing director states that he's been tasked by the Executive Director with coming up with a marketing plan by the end of May.

Oh, REALLY? Like maybe we should have one already in place?? LOLOLOLOL

Like I said, a fairly hilarious meeting, but in a very sad, sad, way.

Is it going to be an interesting third and fourth quarter? CHECK!