Thursday, May 16, 2013

hey, hey, two today

Those hours spent writing scholarship essays paid off for the second daughter. She walked out with a Leadership Scholarship given in honor of our past principal and a departmental scholarship given in honor of a former U.S. History teacher!! Ironically, her sister also won this Leadership scholarship last year.

Hey, Hey, Two Today!

She also received other awards for her work in Art and AP Environmental Science.

It was so neat to see her efforts recognized. Now all that is left is to walk across the stage Saturday afternoon.

Up for tonight is the boy's final middle school band concert. Wow. We received his schedule confirmation for next year. Back to the beginning. We get to do the high school thing one more time.

The cold is manageable today. But, I had trouble sleeping last night with all the cold meds in my system.

Got a kudos from the Exec. Director on the PowerPoint shows I put together for her. They worked great, went well, and she was happy. Whew. I was worried about the one she took with her to New Zealand...gave me nightmares!! I dreamed the embedded videos didn't work.

The weekend is coming. Let the festivities begin!

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