Monday, January 21, 2008

new week

School holiday today, so the normal routine will be tossed out the old window into the frosty air that descended upon us over the weekend. Brrrr. The darn dog dilly-dallied retrieving the paper and I nearly froze on the front porch this morning.

I did spend some time this weekend editing Maddy, but not nearly what I wanted to. I think I worked through 20 pages. I also didn't get to read as much as I'd hoped. I was all set to dive into The Book Thief last night then the phone rang with a problem at the bookstore and then the football game started. Sort of bummed Favre and Co. didn't shut down Manning and Co. I think the Pats will devour the Giants. Another blowout Super Bowl. Bummer. I wanted to see Favre take the Pats to school.

Off to the soccer store to buy the kids some new shorts. Then off to the department store to buy the same kids strappy sandals for the big dance. Quite the dichotomy we have running around here of late. Oldest kid rocked as a guest player and managed a shut out in her game Saturday....stopped 10 shots on goal. Wow. Also came home sporting yet another bruise.

Doubt I will edit today, but who knows. I really need to finish The Book Thief. Good book....just can't carve enough time to read it. Not the sort of book you can just requires attention and immersion.

Happy MLK day.

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Kim Smith said...

I have pics to prove it. The Gulf Coast (or close to it) got THREE inches of the fluffiest, prettiest, snow you ever did see!!!

Glad to be back though.