Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the book thief

One of the gals I volunteer with at the bookstore gave me her copy of The Book Thief to read. After hauling it around in the van for two weeks and reading a few pages here and there, I finally managed to carve out an afternoon to sit and read that book. I knew after reading the beginning 25 pages I wanted a block of time to sit and immerse myself in the story. This isn't a book to be read in a waiting room, at a sports practice etc. This book deserves some undivided attention.

It is hard to put into words just how amazing this story is. The writing is beautiful, dare I say lyrical. The characters are incredibly vivid. The plot, one of the most 'familiar' in some ways, is delivered in a stunning way. I don't want to recap the story as in some ways I'm too close to the book to focus on how to describe in a sentence or two the plot.

Liesel is haunting me.

Buy or borrow, but find a copy and read this book. My next trip to B&N will be to purchase a copy for my house. My girls are going to read this over the summer.

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Kim Smith said...

Wow you make me wanna read everything :)