Thursday, January 17, 2008


Today's agenda includes attending the oldest kid's academic awards ceremony. Cleaning my fur ball infested house. Editing some more pages in the WIP. Reading more in "The Book Thief." Attending the PTA meeting so I can watch my youngest perform his three skit lines. Taking the other two to b-ball practice. Coming home and collapsing.

I read an interesting op-ed piece today written by one of the local editorial board folks for our newspaper. Her take was which presidential candidate better understood the multitasking mothers do. She decided that either Obama or Clinton would best understand. Not sure if I agree with her reasoning, but I can understand her concern, and I'm not a 'working' mom.

For me it all boils down to choices and what I can and can't live with. I can't live in a dirty house after a certain point. If that means I don't edit, then so be it. Better to be sane than not. I brought my kids into the world, and I'm responsible for raising them. If that means I'm at awards ceremonies and PTA meetings instead of home reading or writing, then that is okay.

The beauty of it is that given time, everything ebbs and flows. The demands on my time will change, and my choices will change as my kids leave the nest.

I used to want to be published before I was 45....unless I become super-human, I doubt the choices I make will encourage that. Just part of my reality. And it is okay.

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Kim Smith said...

You also have to remember that raising kids is into itself a major accomplishment. If they are great adults, there will be kudoes to you, right?