Friday, January 25, 2008

friday recap

Pretty fun cover, huh? I read two books this week, this one being the second one. Finished it up last night before we sat down with the kids to watch the first Terminator movie. They watched the Sara Connor Chronicles and wanted some back story. They got a real laugh over the current governor of CA's performance.

I totally enjoyed Frost's book. Lots of action, some romance, good world building and the potential for many more stories about Cat in the future. My only complaint, the ending seemed a bit rushed and the introduction of one of Bone's vamp friends seemed a bit forced, sort of like, I need to work this guy in so he can appear in book two and three.

What I loved best was the deft way Frost combined kick ass urban fantasy with romance. Usually you get one or the other. This was a perfect blend.

In other news.....the Friends helped the Library out yesterday and all went well. We survived another week of soccer conditioning, basketball, music lessons etc. Hubby is sick...enough that he actually went to the doctor without prompting. Rare indeed.

Up for the weekend is finding and purchasing new cross trainers for the daughters, a basketball game and firming up plans for the Super Bowl party we are hosting. Who knows, I may even find some time to edit a bit. I'm off to work in the bookstore today....should be busy, Friday's have seen an increase in traffic of late.

Good weekend to all:)

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Kim Smith said...

Hey! How is hubster? Mine is on the couch, reallllllly sick. Worst case I have seen in 16 years of marriage. Took him to doc but it ain't the flu, altho they didn't say what it was other than a virus got him.

Hope you all are well soon-- good luck with the shoe shopping. I need to do that for ME in the worst way!!