Thursday, January 24, 2008

gourmet junk food

After I finished reading The Book Thief I experienced that oh so rare moment of, "What do I read next?" Some books make it real difficult to move away. The book lingers like a music note in your soul. Again, I can't say enough good things about that book, but I needed to move on.

I sat down yesterday and sorted through the paranormals I bought last week at the book store and came up with a title that looked like a good 'junk food' read. Boy did I guess right. Think a big old bag of nacho cheese Doritos, followed up by a package of Oreos.

I can only imagine the excitement when Rachel Vater signed this writer....because Jeaniene Frost has got it going on in a major way. Finally a paranormal romance with the grit and mystery I'd been craving. I probably would have stayed up last night to finish "Halfway to the Grave" but the hubby is sick and my reading light was bothering him. I set the book down, snuck in a half hour of reading time this morning and have every intention of finishing this story when I get back from the library. Laundry be damned. Cat and Bones rock:)