Thursday, February 11, 2016


I am making a real run at finishing "Uprooted" by Friday. Such a good book! In other news, while I remembered to bring home the items I had placed in the warehouse freezer on Tuesday, I now have yet another small grocery list to procure. Things I forgot to buy: jam and lettuce. What a combo.

The boy and I are going to have burgers and fries tonight, so lettuce is a must. The jam, well, hard to have PB&J without it. His Ash Wednesday sandwich was a bit dry!

Can't believe Lent is here again. This last year has gone by so quickly. The middle daughter was chatting with me about London and I'm really having a tough time thinking that is almost one year since hubby and I went over to see her and to visit.

But, today is Thursday! One day closer to the weekend!! Enjoy.

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