Tuesday, February 9, 2016

on the nook

Well, I went ahead and downloaded three titles from the library onto my nook. Hubby heads out of town today. I don't think I can get all three read before he returns, but I should be able to make a good dent in at least of them.

Bookbub is just dangerous. I really need to start deleting those emails as soon as they arrive. But, instead I've been saving them and then looking in the library's ebook collection to see if they have them. Gets me into trouble. And that doesn't even consider the impact the word "free" has on me. I have three free titles on the nook at the moment.

The book I just finished, "Thorn Jack," was a debut novel by Katherine Harbour. A retelling of Tam Lin, it features a brave heroine who has lost her mother and sister and has an absentminded professor for a father. Of course she finds two new friends/sidekicks when they move to her mother's hometown and she learns of the strange, compelling, and irresistible Fata family, including the heart-breaking-ly beautiful Jack. The novel got better as it moved along, but I was left feeling it could have used a good trimming. Of course, since I'm a sucker for Tam Lin, I borrowed a book by Sarah Maas that is yet another retelling of that tale.

Enough of all that. Time for some coffee. Enjoy Tuesday.

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