Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I woke a bit late yesterday and didn't manage to get a blog entry written. Oops. Well, we had a lovely weekend. Stayed home Friday, went out Saturday, and cooked and watched a movie on Sunday. Up this week at work, or at least yesterday and today, the executive committee is in the office. We had lunch with them yesterday, but  I'm not sure if anything is planned for today.

I did read a book over the weekend. It was a free download from BookBub. I'm also certain I had read it before as I went through a phase of reading romances set in Scotland. This was "The Countess" by Claire Delacroix. Entertaining enough, a bit formulaic, but it passed the time and it was free.

Off we go into Tuesday! The boys leave Wednesday for the Smokey Mountain Invitational tournament in Gatlinburg. I'll be home hanging out with Duke.


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