Wednesday, January 21, 2015

too much, too little

So the night before last, I overslept. Didn't have time to blog as I needed to get out for my morning walk. Last night I had a really difficult time sleeping. Yes, I'm awake on time, but I'm not really alert. The coffee is brewing. The laptop is on and humming. My brain is doing neither.

I splurged yesterday and downloaded the latest in the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. I checked the library to see if they had "Burned" and I found nothing. I also checked for the latest Flavia book, again, zilch. UGH. Looks like I will be downloading Flavia as soon as I'm finished with Mac and Dani.

I really need to stop in the library and see what is going on. Two of the biggest books of the quarter and they weren't in the catalog. What. The. Heck.

Okay, enough complaining. Thank goodness for B&N gift cards, my Nook, and the need to read.

Off into Wednesday I go. I love a short week!!

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